JK Gladiator Conversion

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If you drive a JK, you already know it's almost impossible to be different. No two JKs are alike, and that is precisely what makes them all alike. In order to TRULY be different and stick out from the sea of ho-hum JKs around town and on the trail, you need to think outside the box. That's exactly what led us to develop the Gladiator Conversion.

No other body kit merges classic old-school styling on a newer vehicle than the Gladiator Conversion from Chris Durham Motorsports. Taking inspiration from the classic full-size Jeep trucks of the 1960s and early 70s, we have developed a kit that completely transforms the look of the modern JK while keeping all mechanical components stock and intact. The conversion consists of a restyled hood, grille, and leading fender edges; the factory fenders, cowl, windshield, headlights, core support, and much more are retained. Even the factory JK hood hinges and latches remain intact.

The Grille of the Gladiator conversion seamlessly combines the factory JK headlights (and buckets) with classic FSJ marker lights (marker lights are not included but are readily available new or used). Further, the grille will accept a factory Gladiator center grille insert (shown in the photos). Customers will need to source their own original center insert, or Chris Durham Motorsports has developed a wire mesh insert that is available separately. The profile of the hood's leading edge as well as the forward tilt of the CDM grille match the original Gladiator.

Customers often ask how the factory fenders can be retained with this radical transformation. The answer lies in unique inserts that mount over the leading edge of the stock fenders. By melding with the stock fender near the hood latches, the seam for the inserts is practically invisible. They are the perfect transition from modern sheetmetal to classic look.

We are currently finalizing pricing and availability for this conversion. We are compiling a waiting list; please contact us for more details.

Important Notes:

The Gladiator Conversion is a highly specialized product that requires substantial modifications to the vehicle. These modifications include altering the front fenders, cowl, re-routing of factory wiring, and more. The safety catch for the hood will be deleted. Paint and body work will be required. Further, there are several optional components that can be added which will further add to the complexity of the project. We strongly recommend professional installation, as successful installation requires specialized skills beyond the average do-it-yourselfer. We strongly recommend reading the instructions BEFORE purchasing the conversion so that the purchaser has a good understanding of the modifications required.

In the event a Gladiator conversion is returned for any reason, the buyer is responsible for shipping both ways. No exceptions.