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This is the competition version of our TJ Rockcrawler Hood that has been narrowed 11 inches; overall width is 48 inches.

Whether it's competition use or recreational rockcrawling, the Chris Durham Motorsports Rockcrawler Hood provides plenty of clearance for big tires while maintaining a clean, finished look. The TJ / LJ hood can be used with trimmed factory front fenders (retaining the inner fender structure) or it can replace the front fenders entirely. The hood itself is molded from multi-layer fiberglass and ships paint-ready in gelcoat. The hood includes the lines present in a factory hood, and can retain the stock hood hinges and washer nozzles if desired. The incorporated "fenders" provide a more finished look than using a stock hood without fenders and also provide a place to attach the hood latches of your choice.

IMPORTANT: The factory safety latch is defeated with this hood. For this reason, it is recommended for off-road use only.


• While the hood ships ready to paint, we STRONGLY recommend installing the hood on the vehicle BEFORE painting it. This will allow minor fitment and trimming adjustments to be made without damaging the paint.

• We do not recommend the use of hood pins to secure this hood. Hood pins do not allow any "give" and can cause the hood to crack or break if the hood is struck against a tree or rocks. Instead, we recommend CJ-style hood latches mounted upside down as shown in some of the pictures..