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Jeep JK Wrangler STAGE 4 Axle Upgrade Kit - All-in-One - FREE FREIGHT

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Ready for the ultimate in JK axle upgrades? Look no further than our Stage 4 JK Axle Upgrade Kit. This kit includes everything you need to make factory JK axles as strong as they can possibly be. As the name implies, Stage 4 combines all of the components of Stages 1-3 but then adds front chromoly axleshafts and genuine Spicer axle joints. Once everything is installed, the only way to add any more strength is to go with a fully custom (and expensive) aftermarket housing, such as a Dana 60. This combination of components should allow the factory JK axles to hold up with 37-inch tires and moderate-to-hardcore trail use as long as driving habits remain relatively sane.

Chromoly axleshafts offer a significant strength improvement over the factory axleshafts, and installation is as simple as swapping out the shafts. We supply genuine Spicer axle joints for added the strength and reliability without the added hassle and maintenance of some aftermarket joints. If you tend to be hard on equipment, Stage 4 in the answer!


  • Front and Rear ring & pinion sets
  • Front and rear master overhaul kits
  • Front and rear axle trusses
  • Front and rear lower control arm skids
  • Front inner C gusset kit
  • Front inner and outer chromoly axleshafts
  • Front genuine Spicer axle joints