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Jeep JK Wrangler STAGE 2 Axle Upgrade Kit - FREE FREIGHT

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Our Stage 2 Kit includes important upgrades for JK axles that are often overlooked when installing larger diameter tires and re-gearing. The factory JK axlehousings are notoriously weak and can easily bend when subjected to even moderate trail use. The larger / heavier tire and wheel package places much more leverage on the axlehousings, and enhanced traction from more aggressive tires and locking differentials make JKs capable of tackling harder trail obstacles that are tough on equipment. Replacement housings are expensive, but it's not a question of if, only when, a JK housing will bend when subjected to hard use.

Our Stage 2 system covers all the basics for strengthening stock JK axlehousings. The System includes Front and Rear axlehousing trusses that reinforce the axle tubes, along with front lower control arm skids and inner C gussets. These components should be considered the bare minimum on any JK running lockers and 35-inch or larger tires.

These laser-cut components are pre-assembled and are designed to fit right into place with no additional fabrication required. Note that welding is required for installation.


  • Front Axlehousing Truss
  • Rear axlehousing Truss
  • Front and Rear Lower Control Arm Skids
  • Inner C Gussets