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Jeep JK Wrangler STAGE 1 Package - Front and Rear Gears w/ Master Install Kits - FREE FREIGHT

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There aren't many JKs running around with stock tires and wheels these days, but that also means that many have lost acceleration and performance due to improper gearing. Larger diameter tires force the engine to operate below its optimum powerband, so performance and fuel economy suffer. The best way to restore lost performance is to re-gear the axles to match the larger tire diameter. Not only does re-gearing improve performance, it can help crawl ratio and overall driveability.

We use only name-brand high-quality ring & pinion sets from nationally recognized suppliers, along with master overhaul kits that include quality name-brand bearings and everything you need to do the job right. These are the same components we use on our customer vehicles as well as our own. If it holds up with Durham behind the wheel, chances are it will hold up just fine in your Jeep as well!

If you're unsure which ratio you need, there are several excellent online resources that can help guide you, or simply give us a call. Price includes shipping to your door in the lower 48.


  • Front ring & pinion
  • Rear ring & pinion
  • Front master overhaul kit
  • Rear master overhaul kit