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Gladiator replacement grille fiberglass and REPRODUCTION pie pans

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New fiberglass replacement gladiator grille with hardware. Also fits 1963-1990 jeep truck or wagoneer

NEW ALUMINUM JEEP GLADIATOR PIE PANS 1963-1972 can be retrofitted to 1974-1990 Jeep truck or Wagoneer.

The classic 63-72 Jeep Gladiator / Rhino grille is extremely popular and can be easily retrofitted to later 74-90 trucks. One of the difficult items to source, however, is the original circular grille inserts, also commonly referred to as pie pans. CDM has tooled up replacement NEW aluminum pie pans for the Gladiator grille that fit the 7.5" opening in the classic grille and look nearly identical to the originals!

Please note that while the CDM pans look very similar to the original pans, they are not exact reproductions. While the CDM pans have the same style and ribbing as the originals, the CDM pans have a flat center while the original pans have a slight curve. The differences are subtle and almost indistinguishable to the casual observer, but a knowledgeable Jeep restorer will be able to spot the differences.

Pie pans Sold in pairs.